5.2. - 7.2.2016

Messukeskus, Helsinki


CS:GO Assembly Winter 2016 Online Qualifier #1

Game: Counter-Strike: GO Starts: Wed, Jan 13th 2016, 18:15 EET Ends: Fri, Jan 15th 2016, 03:00 EET

// UPDATE 11.1.2016 21:55 Tournament schedules

// UPDATE 13.1.2016 14:45 Server config

// UPDATE 13.1.2016 17:00 Server Settings

// UPDATE 13.1.2016 20:45 Bracket rounds change 

13.1. RO256 - RO32 (BO1)

14.1. RO16 (bo1) RO8 - 4 (BO3)


Server config

Assembly Winter 2016 Online Qualifiers

4 spots is given through online qualifier for Assembly Winter 2016 tournament. 
2 spots from each qualifier, this is qualifier number 1.

IRC channel for tournament: #ASM.CSGO

When teams qualify - there is no entry fee, but teams must provide travel and accommodation by themselves.

Maximum number of teams is 256. Teams have to provide own gameservers and voicecoms to the match. 

In case of server deciding issues. Since this is international qualifier servers must be suitable and even for both of the teams. If teams cannot come to agreement of playable server, both teams can play their choosed side on own server - But this is not first in line. Teams should find solution for equal server.

Qualifiers will not offer servers

5 players must be added to be eligible to join online qualifier

How to participate

  1. Create an account on this website if you do not have one (only the team captain needs to create an account).
  2. Create a team and add all the players names and steamids to the description (no need to add other users to the team).
  3. Press "Sign-up" button on the right side of this page. Your team show now appear in the participants list.
  4. Press "Check-in" button on the ride side of this page when check-in starts
    Note: The first 256 teams to check-in will get in and the rest will go to a waiting list.
  5. Wait for the bracket to be released.
  6. Join IRC channel #asm.csgo @ QuakeNet to find your opponent.
  7. Report scores yourself by clicking the match like this. If there is a conflict, let admins know first.
  8. Announce problems to the admins in the IRC channel.
  9. Have fun!


Schedule (local time EET (+2 GMT)

11.1.2016 00:00 Signup opens
13.1.2016 16:00 Signup closes 
13.1.2016 16:15 Check-in opens (button appears on the sidebar)
13.1.2016 17:45 Check-in closes
13.1.2016 18:15 RO256 - RO16 (bo1)
14.1.2016 19:00 RO16 (bo1), RO8 - RO4 (bo3)  

*additional day* 15.1.2016 18:00 RO4 (If teams dont have enough time to play RO4)


Full rules

Server config

  • RO256 - RO8 Best of 1 map, RO4 Best of 3 maps
  • Freeze time - 15 seconds
  • Round time - 1 min 55 seconds
  • C4 timer - 40sec
  • Max Rounds 15 (each side)
  • Start money $800
  • Side selection - Knife round
  • Overtime max rounds - 5 (each side)
  • Overtime money - $16 000
  • Overtime side selection - Teams first play the side they last played in regulation
  • Delay of match with more than 15 minutes = automatic forfeit
  • Flash Bang, Smoke Grenade, and Hand Grenade Bugs ­ it is illegal to use any flash bang, smoke grenade, or hand grenade bugs, regardless of intent.
  • Silent Bomb Plants ­ all bomb plants must be done in a position in which it can be heard by the opposing team
  • Illegal Bomb Plants ­ it is illegal to plant the bomb in a position that cannot be defused by the opposing team or in a position in which the bomb is floating and not touching the ground
  • Illegal Bomb Defuses ­ the bomb cannot be defused through any solid objects.
  • Illegal Bomb Defuses ­ it is illegal to intentionally distort your hit boxes with the use of an alias while defusing the bomb. Each dispute will be handled on a case by case basis, reviewing multiple aspects, including, but not limited to, the speed at which movement is made, the action of movement made, as well as the outcome of the exploiting action.
  • Walking / Boosting Through Walls ­ walking or boosting through walls, floors, or roofs is not allowed.
  • Map Exploits ­ Boosts that result in clipping are illegal. Clipping is when a player is either boosted through a solid layer, or when a player manipulates him/herself so that they can see over, under, and/or through any solid entity such as a wall or box.
  • VETO Knife round = chooses starting side
  • GOTV demo must be recorded, if you can't get the demos from server then POV
  • Home team always starts vetoing. In bracket UPPER is always home-team.
  • Demos must be recorded in every cases. If not, then forfeit to enemy team. 
  • Maximum of 3 demos can be asked from team.
  • In cases of conflict please be in contact one of admins.

Map pool

  • de_dust2
  • de_train
  • de_inferno
  • de_mirage
  • de_overpass
  • de_cobblestone
  • de_cache

Reporting scores

Only the winner of the match reports the score. To report, click on your match from the bracket and add match rounds. In trouble, see this guide.



Head admin
Mikko "el_miQuel" Kontturi
Email: mikko.kontturi at gmail.com
Skype: kontturin.mikko

IRC channel for tournamet: #ASM.CSGO

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