CM Storm League of Legends

Game: League Of Legends Starts: Thu, Aug 1st 2013, 20:00 Ends: Sat, Aug 3rd 2013, 23:59

CM Storm League of Legends tournament is launching at August 1.-4., with the ASSEMBLY SUMMER 2013 taking place once again in Helsinki, Finland. The three-day tournament will present 8 top teams with a chance to win a piece of the 5,000 EUR prize pool.

League of Legends eSports scene has risen to one of the world’s most popular and most watched eSports game. Now at year 2013 ASSEMBLY and Cooler Master want to take Finnish League of Legends scene to next level. The tournament is co-organized with League of Legends Finland which is official partner with CM Storm.


The tournament will take place at August 1-3 at ASSEMBLY and will run from Thursday to Saturday featuring best Finnish League of Legends teams and top-of-tier Finnish casters. Total of 8 teams will battle through group stages and on Saturday we’ll see 4 toughest teams competing from the title of CM Storm League of Legends champion.


Quick Facts about Assembly Summer 2013 League of Legends

  • Time: Thu 1 August - Sat 3 August 2013, exact tournament timetables will be announced later.
  • Place: Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland
  • Teams: 8
  • Prize pool: €5 000
  • Format: Group stage + semi finals
  • Participation: Invites & online qualifier
  • Participation fee: 250€


The prize pool of €5 000 will be divided among the top four teams.

  1. 2 500€
  2. 1 500€
  3. 500€
  4. 500e


Format & participation

8 teams divided into 2 doubel elimination groups. 2 best teams from these groups will advance into semi finals.  


There will be a participation fee of 250e. This fee includes 5 eSports passes for players. eSport pass includes entry to event venue and gaming areas. No additional fees will be charged for entry or participation by Assembly. 



The full set of rules will be released later.


CM Storm

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Size: 4
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