31.7. - 3.8.2014

Messukeskus, Helsinki


Hearthstone IeSF Qualifier

Game: Hearthstone Starts: Thu, Jul 31st 2014, 15:00 Ends: Thu, Jul 31st 2014, 23:59

The main tournament for Assembly Summer 2014 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft IeSF Qualifier 2014 tournament is the Finnish qualifier tournament for the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft IeSF World Championship tournament held in Baku, Azerbaidžan on 12th to 17th November. The qualifier tournament has 16 spots, 1000 Euros in prize money, and the winner qualifies and gets a paid trip to the IeSF tournament.


The participation is open only to Finnish players. The tournament ticket costs €50, which includes the entrance to the ASSEMBLY event for full four days, access to the dedicated tournament area with a personal computer on tournament days and the player lounge by SEUL ry where you may enjoy snacks for free.


The tournament is a non-BYOC competition played on Thurday the 31st of July. A separate player area with a stage and an audience stand has been reserved for the tournament.



The gender restriction rule has been removed, we thank everyone who took part in this process.




Time: Thu 31st of July
Place: Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland
Players: 16, Finnish only
Prize pool: €1000 EUR + trip to IeSF 2014

Format: Group stage & single elimination playoffs
Streams: English
Participation: Invites & online qualifiers

Ticket price: €50

Rules: Regulation Finnish eSports Federation (SEUL) rules

DO NOTE! Naxxramas cards are allowed in the tournament.




16 player spots total with 12 invites and 4 qualifier spots.

Players must request an invite by sending the application form by the 8th of July.

The qualifiers will be announced later. Everyone should apply for an invite first, and then participate to the qualifiers if need be.



1. €350 + paid trip to IeSF World Championship 2014

2. €350

3-4. €150



A double-elimination group stage and single elimination playoffs. The group matches are bo3, quarter-final matches are bo5 and the semi-final and final are a bo5 match. 


Schedule (in EEST)

  • Thursday, 31st of July
    • 16:00 Groups
    • 20:00 RO8
    • 22:00 Semi-finals
    • 24:00 Final



On-site stream by Ville "1mustfall" Tuomisto and Joonas "Jka" Kapiainen.

You can watch the stream here



Details here



Head admin

Markus "Olodyn" Koskivirta

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Email: markus.koskivirta at gmail.com

Skype: Markus Koskivirta

IRC: Olodyn@QuakeNet & IRCNet

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