30.7. - 2.8.2015

Messukeskus, Helsinki


ASUS ROG Summer 2015 StarCraft II

Game: StarCraft 2 Starts: Thu, Jul 30th 2015, 15:00 EEST Ends: Sat, Aug 1st 2015, 00:30 EEST

ASUS ROG is proud to present a special eSports event this summer, featuring two Blizzard titles and a total prize pool of $40,000 USD. The tournaments will each feature 32 top players, who’ll battle it out for a share of $25,000 USD in Hearthstone, and $15,000 USD in StarCraft II. ASUS ROG Tournament Summer 2015 will take place at ASSEMBLY in Helsinki, from July 30th to August 1st.

This summer, ASUS ROG Tournament continues at the Finnish computer festival ASSEMBLY. New for this edition is two game titles coupled with the biggest total prize pool in the event's history.

Prepare your card collection, shuffle your deck, and get ready for the ASUS ROG Summer 2015 Tournament Hearthstone, beginning on July 30th with a $25,000 USD prize pool. In addition to this, the ASUS ROG Summer 2015 Tournament StarCraft II will be played on the 30th and 31st of July with a $15,000 USD prize pool.

Both tournaments will consist of 32 players gathered through direct invites (16) and online qualifiers (16). There will be plenty of talent on show—some of the world’s best StarCraft II players will battle it out at the event, and top card-slingers from Europe will compete in the Hearthstone tournament.

ASUS ROG is thrilled to be a part of the rising star in eSports that is Hearthstone and to continue supporting the excellent StarCraft II scene as they have in previous years. Expect no less than stellar performances from our players, production crew and admins as we bring you the best tournament experience possible.

Quick facts

  • Dates: Thu, 30th July – Fri, 31st July 2015
  • Place: Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland
  • Players: 32
  • Prize pool: $15,000 USD
  • Format: 2 group stages (WCS DE BO3) and playoffs (SE RO8 BO3 + Semis BO5 + Final BO7)
  • Participation: Invites (16 players) and online qualifiers (16 players)
  • Tournament rules: PDF
  • Twitter@ROGtournament
  • Homepage: asusrogtournament.com
  • Stream: twitch.tv/ROGTournament_SC2

Streams and Casters

The tournament will provide a free HD main stream on Twitch.tv from twitch.tv/ROGTournament_SC2 with Chris “HuK” Loranger and Benjamin “DeMusliM” Baker providing the commentary. Both Loranger and Baker are esteemed professional StarCraft II players who have been part of the game since its beginning and played in multiple high level tournaments including some of the past ASUS ROG tournaments. On top of their player career, they both have taken seats at the caster table before and proven to be talented commentators with deep understanding of the game. The stream production will be handled by Black Molly Entertainment.

In addition to the main stream, ASUS ROG Summer 2015 is open to community streamers. They will help to cover the event in different languages, as well as cast matches that are not being shown on the main stream. If you wish to broadcast the tournament, please send us an application by the end of June using this form.


Times are in local time EEST.

  • Thursday, 30 July
    • 15:00 -- 18:00 — Group Stage 1
    • 19:00 -- 00:00 — Group Stage 2
  • Friday, 31 July
    • 15:00 -- 00:30 — Playoffs


The prize pool is $15,000 USD and 1800 StarCraft II World Championship Series points. They will be distributed to the players as follows:

1st: $6,000 + 300 WCS points
2nd: $3,000 + 200 WCS points
3rd-4th: $1,500 + 150 WCS points
5th-8th: $350 + 100 WCS points
9th-16th: $200 + 75 WCS points


The tournaments will be played in two double-elimination group stages followed by a single-elimination playoff stage. In the group stages, 32 contestants will be divided into groups consisting of 4 players each. The top two players in each group will then proceed to the next stage.

All the matches are best-of-3 until the semi-finals. The semi-finals will be best-of-5 and the final will be a best-of-7.


There are two ways to gain one of the 32 spots in the tournament—either by receiving a direct invite or through an online qualification tournament. In order to receive an invite, players must first request it by filling out an application form. However, everyone is encouraged to request an invite first, and then participate in the qualifiers later if need be.

The invite application form for StarCraft II is here.

Participation in the tournament is free and includes an all access pass to the event. The pass also grants access to the tournament area and to the players’ lounge.



1. Losira
2. PtitDrogo
4. HyuN
4. BBoongBBoong
8. KeeN
8. Apocalypse
8. Fantasy
12. Lilbow
12. MarineLorD
12. uThermal
12. Snute
16. NaNiwa
16. Welmu
16. TLO
16. Bunny
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