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StarCraft II BYOC

Game: StarCraft 2 Starts: Thu, Aug 2nd 2018, 19:00 EEST Ends: Fri, Aug 3rd 2018, 01:00 EEST

The BYOC StarCraft II tournament of Assembly Summer 2018 which will be played on Thursday August 3rd. Participation requires a computer place ticket and your own computer at the event.

ATTENTION! Players must check-in at Casual Admins desk.
HUOMIO! Pelaajien tulee käydä hoitamassa check-in Casual Admins -pisteellä.


  • Date: Thursday, August 3, 2018
  • Place: Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland
  • Players: 16
  • Prize pool: Product Prizes
  • Format: Read below
  • Participation: Computer ticket, computer and physical presence at the event & Battle.net account required
  • Sign-up start: June 25, 00:00 EEST
  • Sign-up ends: at tournament
  • Check-in: Thursday, August 2, 16:00--19:00 EEST at Casual Admins desk
  • Battle.net channelASSEMBLY


  • Thursday, August 2
    • 16:00--19:00 Check-in at Casual Admins desk
    • 19:00 Group stage begins
    • 22:00 Playoffs begin


  1. MSI Vigor GK70 Mechanical keyboard Cherryred
  2. MSI immerse GH60 gaming headset
  3. MSI Clutch GM40 Gaming mouse + MSI GAMING Mousepad XL

General rules

These rules apply for all BYOC tournaments in Assembly Summer 2018.

  • All participants agree to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner to preserve fair play and sportsmanship.
  • All player names, pictures and team names must be appropriate and respectful.
  • All participants must add their computer place to their TMS profile.
  • All the tournament matches must be played from your own computer place, from your own computer, with the exception of the Hearthstone tournaments in which you can play from anywhere in the venue. We do not have separate areas reserved for players participating in casual tournaments.
  • All participants must do a check-in at Casual Admins desk during the tournament specific check-in time to be able to participate in the tournament. Even if you have done a check-in for another tournament earlier, you must repeat it for all the tournaments you are participating in. 
    • For team games a minimum of 3 players from the team must be present during the check-in.
  • Minimum of ten participants in every tournament may be required for the prizes to be paid out in full. 
  • Failure to adhere to these rules or the game specific rules may lead to a warning or disqualification from the tournament to the player and/or the whole team.
  • Administration of the tournament has the last word in any and all disputes and can make decisions outside the specified rules if needed.


Battle.net 2018 Ladder Season 2 1v1 map pool is used:

  • (2) 16-Bit LE
  • (2) Acid Plant LE
  • (2) Catalyst LE
  • (2) Dreamcatcher LE 
  • (2) Lost and Found LE 
  • (2) Redshift LE 
  • (4) Darkness Sanctuary LE

Map vetoes

  • In a best of 3 match: Player A will ban one map and Player B will ban two maps, then Player A will ban one.
  • In a best of 5 match: Player A will ban one map and after that Player B will ban one map.
  • Player B will pick the first map. After that it's loser's pick.
  • Player A is the player which is on the left side on the match page, or similarly the one on the top in the bracket.


(This format might change depending on the participant numbers)

Group Stages
Single-elimination Bracket

Group Stage:

Best of 3

2 groups of 3-6 players each

Round robin format (or all-play-all). Meaning that each player plays against all other players in turn.

Top two of each group advance to the bracket.


Best of 5


Bronze match is played

Reporting Scores

Only the winner of the match sets the score. To set the score, click on your match to go to the match page, and on the right click on the button "Add match rounds". Here is an image quide.


  • Check-in LIVE at the Casual Admins desk, next to the info desk!
  •  AFK-timer is 15 minutes first round, 10 minutes after the tournament begins. Showing up late results in a map loss, if you are more than 25 minutes late first round or 20 minutes after the first round, the whole match is forfeit.


Meet your opponents at the Battle.net channel ASSEMBLY (write in chat: /join ASSEMBLY).

Head admin
Akash "MeteoRain" Singh
B.net: MeteoRain#1698
Contact from Discord, Facebook or in event venue.

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