Dota 2 Pro Qualifier

Game: Dota 2 Starts: Fri, Dec 27th 2013, 19:00 Ends: Sat, Dec 28th 2013, 22:00

Online qualifier for the Dota 2 Pro tournament, held at ASSEMBLY Winter 2014 on 31st of January to 2nd of February. The Top 3 teams advance to the main tournament, but still have to pay the entry fee (250€ for the team and manager, includes event passes).

General info:

When? 27.-28.12.2013 (Friday to Saturday)

What time? 18:00 CET to ~22:00 CET on Friday and from 12:00 CET on Saturday

Admins? Pawsaur, Olodyn


General communications

 During the qualifier the communications with admins can be done in Dota 2 client inside "WASM14" -chat room.

Please remember to use the CHECK-IN FUNCTION located on this page! So we can make the groups.



Double elimination group stage into double elimination brackets.


Groups - Friday at 18:00 CET

Ro8 - Saturday at 12:00 CET



The game follows the same general rules as the actual tournament at Assembly Winter (except when it comes to the format), see them here.

Notable exceptions include: You have 10 minutes from the stated beginning time to be ready, small delays will not mean immediate disqualification. You are also allowed to stream your own match, we require at least a 3 minute delay. Standins are also allowed, but only for the qualifier's duration.

The tournament will not include a grand final, the best 2 teams will automatically qualify to participate from the winner's bracket. The third team will be the winner of the loser's bracket.


General match settings:

Lobby pw: will be announced before the match

Game name: Assembly Winter Qualifier hometeam - awayteam

Enable cheats: no

Fill empty slots with bots: no

Bot difficulty: default

Version: Tournament

Series Type: no series or best of 3 during the finals

Server location: Stockholm/Luxembourg


Starting team: Random/Dire/Radiant

Spectators: enabled

Penalties (both): None

All talk: off


Questions? Contact either Jaakko "Pawsaur" Markkanen via Steam (his nick is Pawsaur) or Markus "Olodyn" Koskivirta at markus.koskivirta (at) / idlt112 on Skype.




The 3 teams advancing into the Assembly Winter Dota 2 Pro Tournament are:

FinlandRampen Multigaming

FinlandIsot Pelit


Name: RO8
Size: 8
Count: 4
Size: 4

Contestants (16/16)

Almost Decent [ Check-in ]
Amerikan Kotka [ Check-in ]
Axel Fiidaa [ Check-in ]
BeerForceOne [ Check-in ]
EL BABOONS [ Check-in ]
Eläke [ Check-in ]
Isot Pelit [ Check-in ]
Northern Maniacs [ Check-in ]
OG [ Check-in ]
Rampen Multigaming [ Check-in ] [ Check-in ]
Sleepyones [ Check-in ]
Viiskauttaviis [ Check-in ]
Warcry MaeY [ Check-in ]
wDNs! [ Check-in ]
[Msess] [ Check-in ]