30.1. - 1.2.2015

Messukeskus, Helsinki


StarCraft II Online Qualifier #2

Game: StarCraft 2 Starts: Thu, Jan 15th 2015, 18:00 EET Ends: Thu, Jan 15th 2015, 21:00 EET

This is an online qualifier tournament for the non-BYOC StarCraft II Pro tournament held at Assembly Winter 2015 on January 31st.

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Top 3 qualify + an extra day ticket is provided.
Note, that a 50€ tournament ticket or a computer place ticket still required to enter the main tournament.
The qualification spot does not include any travel or accommodation expenses. 

Qualified players

  •  Nagrodus - Jarre Leskinen
  •  Haspe - Jari Haapasaari
  •  Deborah - Deborah Espinosa Gómez


  • Thursday, January 15th, 2015
    • 17:00 EET Check-in starts on this page
    • 18:00 EET Tournament starts


 twitch.tv/suprDivinesia - Casting by: Juha "Divinesia" Nurmennemi (Divinesia.886)


Battle.net group: ASSEMBLY (battlenet://starcraft/group/2/241868)
IRC channel: #asm.sc2 @ QuakeNet 
Please, add your SC2 game account to your profile to help people find you.

How to report scores

Please refer to this visual quide.


Ro 32: Single elmination
Ro16 and onwards: Double elimination 
All matches are best of three (bo3).


2014 Ladder Season 3 map pool:

  • Foxtrot Labs LE
  • Catallena LE
  • Nimbus LE
  • King Sejong Station LE
  • Overgrowth LE
  • Merry Go Round LE
  • Deadwing LE

Maps are vetoed out from the map pool in turns before each match until three maps are left. Then the map order is decided by using the same method. If you can not decide who starts the map vetoes, the player who is visually higher up on the bracket starts 

Additionally, if both players agree, players may choose to use the 2015 Ladder Season 1 map pool (Overgrowth LE, Catallena LE, Expedition Lost, Secret Spring, Vaani Research Station, Inferno Pools, Deadwing LE). The new season begins and the maps will be available in Ladder on January 12th. However, players may not mix the two map pools but must select one, with the default being the 2014 Ladder Season 3 map pool described above.

Full rules



Head admin
Juho "Azhrak" Nieminen
Email: azhrak ät gmail.com
IRC: Azhrak@QuakeNet
Battle.net: azhrak.191

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