5.2. - 7.2.2016

Messukeskus, Helsinki



Game: Hearthstone Starts: Fri, Feb 5th 2016, 19:00 EET Ends: Sun, Feb 7th 2016, 01:00 EET

Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft returns to Assembly Winter 2016 with a professional tournament providing 3000 euros in prize money.


  • Dates: Fri, 5 February – Sat, 6 February 2016
  • Place: Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland
  • Players: 16
  • Prize pool: €3,000
  • Format: Group stage (Ban-Conquest DE BO5) and playoffs (SE RO8 BO5 + Semis BO5 + Final BO7)
  • Participation: Invites (8 players) and online qualifiers (8 players)
  • Tournament rules: Found here.
  • Stream:


Times are in local time EET (GMT+2).

  • Friday, 5 February — Group Stage
    • 20:00 -- 23:15 — Groups A-D
  • Saturday, 6 February — Playoffs
    • 17:00 -- 22:00 — Quarter Finals & Semi Finals
    • 22:00 -- 00:00 — Final


The prize pool is €3,000 and it will be distributed to the players as follows:

1st: €1,400
2nd: €600
3rd-4th: €300
5th-8th: €100

Streams & Casters

The tournament will be broadcasted on IS TV in Finnish in front of a live audience. The hosts are Ville "1mustfall" Tuomisto and Teemu "nikneim" Oja-Lipasti.

The tournament will also be cast in English and French. Our English broadcast will be done by Alexander "Raven" Baguley at http://www.twitch.tv/darkbirdtv.

The two French broadcasts will cover more matches over at GamersOrigin's channel http://www.twitch.tv/hearthstonefr and MilleniumTV at http://www.twitch.tv/milleniumtvhs 


The tournament follows standard Conquest rules with one ban. The tournaments will be played with a double-elimination group stage followed by a single-elimination playoff stage. In the group stages, 16 contestants will be divided into groups consisting of 4 players each. The top two players in each group will then proceed to the playoffs stage.

All the matches are best-of-5 until the finals. The final will be a best-of-7.


There are two ways to gain one of the 16 spots in the tournament—either by receiving a direct invite or through an online qualification tournament. In order to receive an invite, players must first request it by filling out an application form. However, everyone is encouraged to request an invite first, and then participate in the qualifiers later if need be.

The invite application form is here.

Participation in the tournament is free and includes an all-access pass to the event. The pass also grants access to the tournament area and to the players’ lounge.


  • 17.1.2016 at 18:00 EET Here
  • 19.1.2016 at 19:00 EET Here


Head admin
Markus "Olodyn" Koskivirta
Battle.net: Olodyn#2550
Email: markus.koskivirta (at) hearthstone.fi
Skype: idlt112


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