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StarCraft II BYOC #2

Game: StarCraft 2 Starts: Sat, Feb 4th 2017, 15:00 EET Ends: Sat, Feb 4th 2017, 23:00 EET

The second BYOC StarCraft II tournament of Assembly Winter 2017 which is played on Saturday, February 4th. Participation requires a computer ticket and your own computer at the event.

ATTENTION! Players must check-in at GameInfo.

HUOMIO! Pelaajien tulee käydä hoitamassa check-in GameInfossa.


  • Date: Sat, 4 February, 2016, 15:00 EET
  • Place: Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland
  • Players: 64
  • Prize pool: 280€
  • Format: Read below
  • Participation: Computer ticket & Battle.net account required
  • Sign-up start: Jan 27, 00:00 EET
  • Sign-up ends: at tournament start
  • Check-in starts: Feb 4, 14:00 EET
  • Battle.net channelASSEMBLY


Saturday Feb 4th. Detailed schedule will be relased later.


  1. 140€
  2. 90€
  3. 50€



The tournament is open to anyone with a ASSEMBLY Summer 2016 computer ticket and a personal Battle.net account. Players need to participate in the tournament inside the ASSEMBY event.


Battle.net Ladder Season 1 1v1 maps will be used.

Map vetoes

Before a bo5 match, both players veto 2 maps from the map pool in A-B order which leaves 5 maps to be played on.

The player who started the vetoes (A) will pick the 1st map to be played from the remaining 5 maps. Continue picking maps in BABA order, the final map remaining will be the 5th map if needed.

Player A is the player which is on the left side on the match page, or similarly the one on the top in the bracket.


Tournament consist of 2 phases.

First phase:
Players are placed in 2 groups, consisting of 6 players (max). Each group is played in round robin format (or all-play-all). Meaning that each player plays against all other players in turn. Each match is played as best of 3. From each group, 2 players are qualified for the second phase.

Second phase:
The 4 qualified players from the first phase are seeded to playoffs.
Players start from semifinals (Bo3) and winners from each semifinal plays finals (Bo5).
Losers from semifinals plays for the third spot (Bo5).

Reporting Scores

Only the winner of the match sets the score. To set the score, click on your match to go to the match page, and on the right click on the button "Add match rounds". Here is an image quide.


  • Check-in LIVE at the gameinfo desk, next to the info desk!
  •  AFK-timer is 15 minutes first round, 10 minutes after the tournament begins. Showing up late results in a map loss, if you are more than 25 minutes late first round or 20 minutes after the first round, the whole match is forfeit.


Meet your opponents at the Battle.net channel ASSEMBLY (write in chat: /join ASSEMBLY).

Head admin
Akash "MeteoRain" Singh
B.net: MeteoRain#1698
Contact from Discord, Facebook or in event venue.

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